April 19, 2009:

Paulo And Super-Mario

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Emil - Mario - Paulo

Did some shows in Gothenburg together with Paulo. Paulo is amazing when he doing his groundmoves. Remember last summer when i meet him in gothenburg first time, during our freestyle-tour with redbull.. We were going to a nigth club to make a show (Me and Philip). Paulo were also going to the same club. In normal clothes he asks me to pass the ball and my first thougth was “oh cool, maybe he can do an atw or a neckstall” – He turns around and doing the clearest Akka3000 i’ve seen, rigth in my hands.. And after that i started to practise and practise and 2 weeks later i did a cool “akka3000 headshoot” in Malmö.. Look at the video, click here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OnIPn2NXKMQ

And thanks to Mario, the man with the magic shoot the super-Mario shoot!
Marios webpage – http://www.elitefc.se/

Yesterday i were in Stockholm, did some shows there also.

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