November 29, 2010:

Marketing the new Umbro Ball

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Two Weeks ago i started a tour there i will bee performing in five cities. Marketing the new Umbro ball. We started in Malmö there i performed at the footballgala. Then we traveled to Gothenburg there i performed for 2 days. A cool thing was that some of the German national Football players were looking and enjoying our show. (I called my friend Daniel and asked if he wanted to do some shows with me) I will even perform In Jönköping , Stockholm and Borås.


Performances in Lillehammer

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This weekend (13/14 nov) i went to Lillehammer to preform. Me and Björn performed at an indoor tournament and at two Nigth Clubs. It was harder than usually. With new shoes, bad ligthning and a small area to do our show at. It felt like it was made for us to make a bad show. But it woorked pretty good. Just one or two easy drops in the darkness.


Show and TV Recording

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Today (05/10) i performed in Gothenburg. There Fc Ibra got an event. Fc Ibra is the best futsal Club in Sweden. (The name Fc Ibra comes from Zlatan Ibrahimovic that is one of the founders to the project)

I even recorded some clips for Sweden’s leading production companies for feature films, documentaries and TV Drama.

At the evening i performed at Göta youth recreation center who celebrated 10 years anniversary.

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