June 20, 2010:

Joypeak festival

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Emil Jylhänlahti at JOYPEAK

The day after my show in Arvika, I went up to northern Sweden. Had a full day at the festival in Joypeak Ursvik, near Skellefteå. Of thirteen years, it has not rained during the festival, but yesterday when it rained typical. Feels like rain that followed me wherever I go. Also met my friend Jonathan, who was doing freestyle. Be really nice to meet you. Thanks for a great fun day JOYPEAK!

sdc13992-kopiera.jpg jonte.jpg Emil and Jonatan



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Emil Jylhänlahti and Doggelito and crew

On June 18th I went to Arvika, a five-hour long train ride from Boras. At six o’clock in the evening it was time for the show for a couple of hundred who had come. A bit unlucky with the weather which was very unstable. But what did that when Emil and Dogge Doggelito was on the show mood. Later I went to Stockholm …..

June 15, 2010:


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The eighth and ninth of June was the time to perform in Copenhagen. It was both freestyle and some street football. We also met some the Danish guys who were doing freestyle, it was nice. The event ended with a wonderful meal, “Smørrebrød” Denmark’s national dish!


Kenneth Cup

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kenneth cup

On June 5 it was time for performing at kenneth Cup –
Moustache Fight Cancer Society’s campaign is against Sweden’s most common form of cancer – prostate cancer. A great event that i thougth worked great. thanks to everyone who participated.

Emil Jylhänlahti Tore kullgren Björn KjellbrisEmil Björn KennethEmil Anders Frisk Björn



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Emil and the light

On June 3, I had a show in Stockholm. Was initially a bit nervous for a very strong light that dazzled me something huge. But it went well in the end, luckily. Had not been so popular to drop the ball down among all the guests who sat and ate food and drank wine only some meters below me.
Will upload a video from this event a bit later.

June 1, 2010:

Paris – Puma international

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The audience

The 23 of May we started the reharsals for our shows in Paris the 28:th of May. Four long days of practising in Stockholm. The team contained three freestylers, three dancers, three acrobats and two flag dancers.

Before the shows started Me Victor and Tom performed some tricks for Ghanas national Football team.

Our show that we have been training for so much went really good. The audience, Cameroon, Ivory Coast and Ghanas national teams enjoyed the show.

team freestyle emil jylhänlahti paris Ghanas team


A lot of things have been going on this year

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Emil jylhänlahti and Victor Rubilar show

Have been working a lot with shows latley. Teaching and performing my skills. At the 22 of May Me and Victor Rubilar worked for Cirkör and their freestyle project in Stockholm. Some weeks earlier even me and Tom Karlsson have worked at this project. Thanks to Cirkör for this cool project.

Audience Victor 5 balls Emilfreestyle Juggling

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