October 28, 2009:

Second place in a TV Program

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The Final

After winning the first round and the semifinal round (4 acts in every round) Emil Stod there in the big final. From the beginning there where Over 60 Performers from all around Sweden, and just 4 where left in the final. Emil Were close to reach the first place but he finished second.

Emil Jylhänlahti - Rampljuset Svt

Klick here to just se Emils act! (from the first round)!

Emil Jylhänlahti - Rampljuset Svt Emil Jylhänlahti - Rampljuset Svt Emil Jylhänlahti - Rampljuset Svt


RedBull StreetStyle !

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Emil Jylhänlahti RedBull Finals Stockholm

The 24 of october were the Swedish Freestyle Finals in “FinneBoda Hamn” Stockholm.  17 of Swedens best football jugglers were going to battle against each others. Emil where there and reached the final. Scroll down and watch the samifinal and final!

SemiFinal Battle
Final Battle
Emil Jylhänlahti Rbss Emil Jylhänlahti Rbss Emil Jylhänlahti Rbss

October 27, 2009:

Performance Råsunda

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In the game between Sweden – Albania were Football Freestyle there and did shows outside the Stadium even in the halftime of the game. Sweden won the game but thet didn’t manage to reach the WorldCup in South Africa next year.

It will not stop the national team in freestyle to fly down and perform. See you in Soth Africa next year!

Outside the Stadium Emil Jylhänlahti - footstall

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