September 29, 2009:

Emil in Lilla Sportspegeln

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Emil Jylhänlahti - LillaSport Spegeln

The 28:th of September were Emil the main guest in the Swedish television program called “Lilla Sportspegeln”
I was a little bit nervous for this show, becouse 3 weeks ago i sprained my ankle, So i didn’t train freestyle for 3 weeks untill the day before the show. But the show went great!

Take a look att the whole program att this link:
http://svtplay.se/v/1708156/lilla_sportspegeln/del_4_av_18?cb,a1364151,1,f,-1/pb,a1364150,1,f,-1/pl,v,,1708156/sb,p102691,1,f,-1 (28 minutes)

Im gonna upload a movie with just the show so soon that i get it on youtube!

8321_1226729624489_1116505702_721783_5565998_n1.jpg 8321_1226729584488_1116505702_721782_7412044_n1.jpg 8321_1226732144552_1116505702_721785_5156929_n.jpg

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