March 18, 2008:

Talang 2008

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 emilfreestyle talang 2008

In Mars where Emil in Falun and tryed to convince the Jury that Footballfreestyle is a magical thing that almost everybody likes to see.

But does Bert and the the other two in the jury like it? Maybe, Maybee not! Dont miss it in Tv4!

ssa46307.JPG emilfreestyle emil jylhänlahti



Freestyle SM håller på i full gång, ta chansen att komma till någon av det femton städerna som Stadium freestyle Team besöker. Du kanske blir utagen att komma till GrönaLund  och därifrån får hänga med till sommarens stora EM fest i Österike!  Ta en titt på www.footballfreestyleSm.se

March 12, 2008:

Clips from Täby!

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A short movie from Täby!

2323349523_bc2c98d2e2.jpg 2324166282_cb417851ae.jpg 2326506596_c073b8762a.jpg

March 10, 2008:

Freestyle SM

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emil jylhänlahti 

Stockholm and Karlstad was the two first destinations on our freestyle tour! Next week are we coming to Gothenburg (Stadium XXL) and Helsingborg. The winners from every city are going to be introduced at www.footballfreestyleSM.se !

Björn Kjellbris emil jylhänlahti freestyleSM

Demonstration Show Emil: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MHv5Dah8qG0

Demonstration Show Björn: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eVztxHYqbiM

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