October 24, 2007:

LP – Alingsås

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Today i went to Alingsås, There i performed in a School, twice. Thanks for everything.

I will put up some pictures at “portfolio”


October 14, 2007:

Preformance in Blidsberg

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Today was it time for a new preformance, this time it was in Blidsberg. The 11:th of oktober was an other prefromance hold, in Fränderfors. But i couldn’t upload some pics from there.

Thanks Blidsberg for a good time! :)

October 7, 2007:

Two Live preformances!

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Today was two preformances holded. The first one was in Gothenburg there i preformed at a sponsor meeting for the football-team Göteborg/Kopparberg.  Me and my crew wasn’t there for so long time becouse we had to hurry to an other show that where hold in Rävlanda.

It was a great day. Thanks Gothenburg and Rävlanda!

And Thanks Erik and Fredrik.

ssa45896.JPG  ssa45897.JPG

October 1, 2007:

LP with Johan Dahlbäck

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The 15 of september, me and Johan Dahlbäck went to Vadstena and did some shows. It was a really windy day so it was hard to juggle. But apart from that a great day.

As you can se is the site in English to now. We hope that you will understand so much as possible. :)

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